mardi 13 mai 2008

ça rigole plus à Pékin!

hélàs...Pékin n'est plus le joyeux bordel que j'affectionnais...pour les JO, grand nettoyage. plus de pauvres paysans ou ouvriers qui trainent leur vieille savatte et leur sac de vetement, plus de taxis illégaux, plus de vendeurs à la sauvette. c'est la course entre les vendeurs de DVD et les flics. ils postent toujours un copain pas loin qui les prévient quand les flics arrivent; un sifflement ou autre, et hop, les marchandises sont pliées, comme si de rien n'était. ne parlons pas des vendeurs tibétains de bijoux. tous disparus...devant la cité interdite, une barrière de policiers empeche le passage des vendeurs et mendiants devant la façade principale, là où tout le monde prend la photo avec MAO. cité interdite+place Tian an men; un endroit plus que jamais surveillé et policé...
petit article in english qui illustre un peu les mesures la photo de ci dessus
The government office in charge of monitoring illegal taxis (or heiche) yesterday destroyed 313 vehicles as part of a major campaign to crack down on illegal taxi drivers. The campaign has seen more than 1,000 vehicles destroyed in recent weeks. Authorities have also announced that if heiche drivers are caught a second time (the first time they simply get off with a warning), they risk serious consequences including fines and being detained by the police.
But it's not just the city's heiche drivers who are being subject to closer scrutiny, in an effort to clean up the city before August's Olympic Games, city authorities have also announced measures to clear the city of those small ads (xiao guanggao) that advertise everything from fake documents to various sex products and are pasted on every surface throughout the city, from bus stops to footbridges. Authorities are offering a reward of 1 mao for every xiao guanggao that people scrape off and also rewards of up to 2,000 kuai for informing on people engaged in distributing the ads. (1 mao= moins de 10 cents, 2000 kuai=200 euros)
Police have also been cracking down on scalpers, with plain clothes cops being deployed in force, not only at recent Good Luck Beijing sporting events, but also at the Jay Chou concert that took place at Gongti on May 1. According to Xinhua, 130 police officers detained 30 scalpers at the concert.
Authorities from the Beijing Health Bureau have also been out enforcing the newly enacted no smoking regulations. A baodu restaurant in Heping Li was threatened with a fine on May 6 because they hadn't attached a non-smoking sign to their wall. The restaurant was given a warning and asked to put up a sign in three days or else be fined.
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