jeudi 12 juin 2008

the BOOK

je suis tombee aujourdhui sur un forum de discussion concernant les relations des hommes etrangers avec les chinoises, et les stereotypes les concernant> voici un extrait qui m'a fait rire, en attendant que j'ecrive la dessus moi aussi.

if you have any more questions about 'foreigners' here, why not read 'the book'. The one that says
All foreigners are rich
All foreigners have big willies
All foreigners speak English
It's always foggy in england
All Englishmen are gentlemen etc etc etc

There must be 'the book' cos I've heard about it so many times. 'I read it in the book that......(insert grossly wrong sterotype here)..' You'll probably find it next to the book about China that says
All Chinese are friendly
All Chinese are polite
All Chinese women are beautiful
Chinese food is the best in the world and is healthy as opposed to western food, which is disgusting and will make you fat.
Chinese culture is the best in the world
Beijing is a beautiful city. etc etc etc
I gather both books were written by a Chinese person!

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